Friday, September 10, 2010

Kayan MP3

If you have some Kayan songs album or new released Kayan songs to share,please contact Kayan youth at we need more Kayan songs. Tariba na.

Thwi tabatha

Khoon Ba's Kayan Amyothalay Kyanaw

Han O Songs

La Kya Songs

Phekon1 Songs

Phekon2 Songs

Kamai Songs

Something wrong with Han Bu songs,sorry for not functioning.
Han Bu Songs

Hwa Ri Songs

Kayan bata Kayan(Phekon)

Su khlai cocan ao lan tan

Kayan Pho ta


  1. Hello, really want download these Kayan songs but don't know how to. Any idea about this?

  2. If you have Internet download Manager You can download easily..friends.